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Flexible, Scalable, Secure – Two Factor Authentication at its Best

Trusted by major global enterprises, Swivel is a proven, flexible authentication platform that’s helping millions of people work more efficiently, and enhancing network security. Whatever security challenges you face, the Swivel solution enables you to seamlessly customise an appropriate strong authentication solution to meet your needs.

Providing security for Cloud, Web, VPN and VDI applications, the Swivel authentication platform offers the widest choice of authentication options available on the market.  The Swivel platform supports tokenless and hardware tokens providing two factor authentication via SMS, Mobile App, OATH Tokens and Telephony and strong authentication via integrated in-browser imagery.

When looking to deploy stronger authentication, you need a solution that not only meets your security requirements now but provides you with the flexibility to adapt and change to your security and two factor authentication compliancy needs in the future.

At Swivel Secure we believe that security doesn’t have to be costly or complex to be astounding.

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Swivel Authentication Platform

Knowing that you can access your data whenever, wherever and however you want. That when you do, you’re supremely secure and that your authentication solution will be shaped according to your needs no matter how frequently they change. Knowing it’s a platform that uses leading patented technology across web, hardware tokens, voice and SMS. That’s the power of knowing.

Authentication Made Easy

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PINsafeA key, and unique feature, of our authentication platform is our patented one-time-code extraction protocol PINsafe. PINsafe combines the use of registered PINs with random 10 digit security strings that are sent to you either by SMS, mobile app, telephone, or web, either on demand or in advance. You then combine these in your head to work out your unique one-time access codes, putting you at the heart of the strong multi-factor authentication process.