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Username and passwords are no defence against cyber-crime.  Deploying stronger authentication is no longer an option-it is a necessity, but when it when it comes to authentication solutions, not all are the same. The key to Swivel is the variety and flexibility of our authentication solution - we can meet all your authentication requirements. We can secure a wide range of applications using two factor authentication or stronger authentication. Our solution can be deployed as software only, as a physical appliance, or as a Virtual Machine Appliance, depending on your requirements.

Authentication solutions for:


Every cloud has a Swivel lining. Or at least, it should. Cloud computing continues to expand and revolutionise the way businesses work but with access from any device and anywhere the need to consider security around cloud applications is evermore paramount.

The popularity of cloud-based applications has led many companies to devolve responsibility for the security of their data to the cloud application’s user access infrastructure which can quite often be insufficient – particularly when only a password and username is required to access critical data stored within an application, and is usually the typical, out-of-the-box, default solution.

Organisations need to take back local control of users’ digital identities within the corporate environment by deploying two factor authentication to cloud applications. Learn more

Authentication for Desktop Environments


Desktop virtualization delivers on-demand desktops to users for anytime, anywhere, any device access. This provides employees with full access to their complete business desktop from multiple devices, such as their home PC, a smart phone or an iPad – but this also means that they can be an open door to your organisations data.

We have worked with personalised desktop environments for many years; ensuring users have secure and rapid access to a range of services and applications. Learn more


Encrypting your web connection by using a VPN service is extremely useful. A VPN enables you to break out of restrictive networks, but if you are relying on username and password you are still only a password away from attack. With Swivel VPNs can be configured to use external RADIUS servers for authentication so Swivel authentication products can be integrated very easily. Learn more


As the web has grown exponentially in use and is a great inexpensive way to communicate and exchange information with prospects and transactions with customers. With the Swivel authentication solution you can easily and seamlessly add two factor authentication or stronger browser-based security in-line to ensure peace of mind. Learn more

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