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Like most Cloud based services, user access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of business productivity and collaboration tools is via a public Web interface protected by a simple user-name and password protocol. For organisations that are attracted by the significant cost savings offered by moving business applications to the Cloud this can mean compromising corporate security standards if the organisation decides to adopt this approach.

As a Microsoft © accredited 2FA solution, Swivel can be used to protect both Office 365 Dedicated and Office 365 Shared Infrastructure cloud services.  If you chose Office 365 Dedicated then Swivel authentication is an option as part of the Microsoft offering.

Swivel also works with Active Directory Federation Services to enable organisations to seamlessly add a two-factor or strong authentication layer to the Office 365 shared user access procedure. This approach enables users to access their corporate network resources as well as their Cloud applications using the same, highly secure  authentication protocol.

How does it work?

It is simple, when users need to access their Office 365 applications the authentication request is redirected via the on-premise Swivel server where they use their PIN and the PINsafe protocol to generate a one-time-code exactly as they would when logging into the corporate network via a VPN or other remote access technology.

What are the benefits?


UNP authentication delivers limited protection against a determined hacker and does not fulfil the compliance requirements for either PCI DSS of Government security standards. Adding Swivel 2FA technology to the user access management process means that user information is  under local control and protected by the corporate security policies and technologies.

Integrated User Provisioning

Most IT managers would agree that managing user access to multiple applications can be extremely challenging particularly when it comes to ensuring access privileges are revoked once the person leaves the organisation. Swivel’s Radius based technology can be integrated with the company Active Directory to provide a common user management system for both on-premise and Cloud applications.

Set-up and Configuration

Swivel is available either as a physical or virtual appliance as well as a software only option to install on a preferred hardware/OS  platform licenced on a low-cost, per user basis. Set-up and configuration is via an intuitive management dashboard which includes PIN change and reset functionality. With a range of integration options including VPN, Web and Cloud applications Swivel can be deployed across the entire network infrastructure or just specified applications in line with business requirements.

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