Swivel has been designed to provide customers with a wide choice of deployment options enabling easy and rapid integration within all common network environments. With a choice of physical and virtual appliances in addition to a software only option, the core Swivel platform provides network managers with maximum deployment flexibility with minimal additional hardware or software costs.

Proven Integrations

Swivel is CCTM accredited to work out of the box with all leading VPN and remote access technologies including Juniper, Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Check Point, SonicWall and Netgear. It also seamlessly integrates with J2EE, Lamp and .Net Web applications.

Supported Authentication Protocols

Swivel supports RADIUS-based authentication including PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP v2, LEAP and other protocols as well as SAML and ADFS based authentication for cloud applications. There is also a proprietary XML-based API available. It can also synchronise with existing user repositories, such as Active Directory (no schema changes required) or SQL based database, for rapid user provisioning/deprovisioning.


Swivel is available either as a standard 1U rack mounted physical appliance or as a range of virtual appliance options pre-loaded with all the software required to configure and run the application including:

  • Cut-down, hardened Linux-based OS.
  • Swivel core software.
  • Change PIN and PIN reset applications.
  • HTTPS – default operational mode.
  • In-built proxy.
  • In-built backup and restore.
  • Intuitive management dashboard.

Rack Mount Appliance

The Swivel physical appliance is a standard Dell server and can be installed either as a single appliance or in a range of High-Availability (HA) pair configurations including, Active-Active and a Disaster-Recovery option for maximum resilience.

Swivel is highly scalable with each appliance capable of supporting in excess of 250,000 active users.

Virtual Appliance

The Swivel virtual appliance is available to download in VMware ESX, ESXi, Workstation and Player formats. Versions for Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen are also available ready to plug into an existing virtualised environment pre-loaded with all the necessary software components.

Software Only

For smaller, less complex deployments customers can choose to download the Swivel core software for installation on their own preferred hardware platform. Swivel core software is available for Linux and the Microsoft Windows OS family however support is limited to the Swivel application only.


Swivel offers a range of support options including a 24/7 telephone help desk. Hardware support is backed by the Dell Pro 4-Hour Response team.

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