High Availability

To deliver enterprise levels of availability, the Swivel Authentication Platform can be deployed in a number of High-Availability configurations. These are Active-Active, and Active-Active + DR.


The active-active solution uses two Active Swivel appliances that share a replicated database. Each Swivel appliance has its own database which is replicated across to the other. Users can authenticate to either Swivel appliance and data changes made on one Swivel appliance will be replicated onto the other. Yet both appliances are run and configured separately.

The nature of the database replication used means that the Active-Active appliance implementation can be in different buildings or even in different countries. This means the solution can provide site, as well as appliance, resilience.

In this configuration the two appliances are both Database-Masters in that database replication works both ways. A Swivel installation is limited to a maximum of two Database-Masters

Disaster Recovery

An Active-Active solution can have Disaster-Recovery or Database-Slaves added to them.  In this scenario a Swivel appliance’s database is replicated one-way with a Swivel Database-Master. Meaning that the user can authenticate to this appliance but changes made at this appliance, such as a user changing their PIN, will not be reflected in the Database-Masters’ databases.

This solution is suitable where a appliance is required as an “in-case of emergency” deployment, perhaps to maintain business continuity in the event of a major site failure.


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