Swivel Software Licensing

Swivel’s licensing model provides customers with a choice between an outright purchase at the start of the contract or monthly subscription to allow for greater flexibility and budget control.

Perpetual Licence

The Swivel perpetual licence is based on a sliding scale dependant on the number users – the higher the number the lower the per-seat cost. The one-off licence fee is payable at the start of the contract with an annual 18% maintenance charge payable for each year that Swivel is in use.

NB: The cost of the Swivel appliance(s) or VMWare licence is charged separately


Swivel Subscription pricing enables organisations to bring the cost of their authentication within the monthly OPEX budget and provides greater flexibility to add more users in line with operational needs.

Depending on the choice of delivery partner, Swivel Subscription may be offered as a direct alternative to the perpetual user licence, as part of a managed security services package or as a hosted solution.

Swivel Subscription pricing lets you start with a minimum user level and add more users on a month-by-month basis as required (minimum 12-month contract paid quarterly in advance). The monthly fee is the agreed minimum plus the cost of any additional licences used during the calendar month.  Monthly usage reports will be automatically generated for invoicing purposes and additional usage invoiced at the end of each quarter.

Customers who find that they are regularly exceeding the contracted number of users can opt to increase their monthly minimum fee at any point during the term of the contract by starting a new twelve month contract from the date of the change. Decreasing the minimum monthly fee is an option only at the end of the first twelve month term.

Swivel Subscription is available via a network of accredited channel partners. View Accredited Partners

University Licence

The Swivel Secure University licensing option enables budget conscious universities to add an additional level of security to their network infrastructure without the need for extensive additional investment.  No matter the size of University, know that your network and sensitive data is safe and secure with Swivel.

When a university purchases licences for staff and signs up to the annual maintenance agreements, under the Swivel university licence scheme, Swivel will provide university wide student licences for free * ensuring network security to both staff and student data no matter where or how the network is accessed.

The university licence is only available from Swivel accredited channel partners. View Accredited Partners.

 * T & Cs apply contact your reseller for more information

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