Additional security should you need it. Many organisations are concerned about the risks associated with sending one-time-codes direct to a users mobile phone but with Swivel there is no need to worry.  A key, and unique feature, of our authentication platform is our patented one-time-code extraction protocol PINsafe, which provides an optional additional level of security should you need it.

PINsafe allows challenge response authentication, without the need of a traditional token. The different user devices can be assigned to different users depending on your corporate security and access policies. It is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind – regardless of the size of your organisation. The benefits of our tokenless solutions are endless.

PINsafe combines the use of a registered PIN with 10 digit security strings that are sent to you either by SMS, Mobile app, phone, or web, either on demand or in advance.
You then combine these in your head to work out your unique one time code (OTC), putting you at the heart of the strong multi-factor authentication process.
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