At the heart of every Swivel Solution, is a flexible, authentication platform that’s helping millions of people work more efficiently, and enhancing network security. It is designed to be the only authentication platform you’ll ever need, designed to deliver all your authentication requirements across your enterprise. It’s a scalable, resilient enterprise-grade authentication platform with the following capabilities.

Policy and User Management

It’s the policy engine that defines and maintains all user rules. It manages user accounts and provides a range of administration and operational tools to ensure the policies that you decide are right for your organisation are implemented.

  • It provides a granular configuration tool, enabling the management of user policies; either with traditional OTP or with PINsafe protected authentication.
  • It manages user provision and deprovision, allowing for the instant provision/deprovision of users.
  • Direct AD integration allows users to be managed by group memberships.
  • A range of user self-help functions (account reset, PIN changes).
  • A simple to use helpdesk with single click access to account reset, PIN reset functions.

Authentication Interfaces

  • Full RADIUS support including PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP v2, EAP-MD5 and LEAP protocols.
  • Supports RADIUS Challenge-Response and RADIUS Change PIN.
  • Supports Vendor Specific Attributes.

Other Authentication Interfaces

  • Agent-XML (XML-based API over http(s)).
  • ADFS/SAML v2 via additional software.

Operational Interfaces

  • LDAP (for synchronisation with user repositories).
  • Supports LDAP, LDAPS and Global Catalogue.
  • Logging: Supports XML-based and Syslog-based logging.
  • Reporting: In-built and customised reports in CSV and XML formats on-demand or scheduled.
  • Web-based admin/helpdesk console.
  • Email alerts for system alarms.

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