One solution, multiple ways to authenticate
Don't be tied to just a token or just an SMS solution

No phone signal? No problem, with the
Swivel mobile app you are covered

Want stronger authentication but don't
want to use a phone solution?
With Swivel Secure you can do it!

Simple solutions to meet your needs

At Swivel Secure we don’t believe one size fits all which is why we offer a range of two factor authentication solutions and stronger authentication solutions.  This means you can choose the best authentication to fit with your security policies and user needs. As you would expect, we are constantly evolving our device options so that, as user behaviour changes, our authentication platform can be used simply, efficiently and above all securely.

Two Factor Authentication solutions

Mobile App

By 2014, more people will access the web via their mobile rather than using a computer. As a leading technology business, we must ensure our products are accessible via the latest devices. It’s equally important that our clients can confidently access their unified networks remotely. Learn more


Whilst it can hardly be considered as ‘cutting edge’, we naturally have an SMS product for those users without smartphones. Users receive a randomly generated security string and then use their PIN to extract their One Time Code (OTC). This becomes their authentication credential… Learn more

OATH Tokens

We understand that some organisations require two factor authentication but prohibit the use of mobile devices and other conventional communications technologies, which is why, as a leading tokenless authentication solution provider, we also provide a cost effective token based device option as part of our authentication platform.… Learn more


We use telephony by allowing the Swivel Secure engine to use a voice channel to authenticate internet use. This operates in the same way as the standard OTC extraction process. After entering username and password details to start the authentication process to a VPN… Learn more

Stronger Authentication Solutions


Since Swivel began, we’ve been innovators in image-based, tokenless authentication via web browsers – all designed to protect web pages, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and SSL VPNs. We have three such products: all of which enable a simple and seamless integration with… Learn more

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