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Mobile App PINlessBy 2014, more people will access the web via their mobile rather than using a computer. As a leading technology business, we must ensure our products are accessible via the latest devices.

It’s equally important that our clients can confidently access their unified networks remotely and securely.

We have developed a secure mobile app that allows the safe delivery of our one-time-codes directly from the Swivel server – enabling users to authenticate even during a prolonged lack of network coverage. The user simply enters the OTC delivered via the Swivel Mobile App at time and login as part of their normal login process. Simple.

  • Simple One-Click Provisioning process
  • No Mobile phone number required
  • Device provisioned to users unique device
  • Applications stores up to 99 security codes
  • User can top-up codes at any time
  • No on-going charges
  • No coverage required at time of authentication
  • Policy based deployment:
    • Control if a user should enter a PIN
    • PINless or PINsafe option

The Swivel mobile app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android and Windows mobile phones and free to download.

Additional security should you need it. A key, and unique feature, of our authentication platform is our patented one-time-code extraction protocol PINsafe, which provides an optional additional level of security should you need it. PINsafe combines the use of registered PINs with random 10 digit security strings that are sent to you either by browser, mobile app, SMS and telephone.  They can be delivered on demand or in advance. You then combine these in your head to work out your unique one-time access codes, putting you at the heart of the strong multi-factor authentication process. Learn More

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