We naturally have an SMS product for those users who choose not to use our free mobile application.

Our SMS solution can be used as a traditional one-time-code (OTC) solution or with the added security of PINsafe, our patented one-time -code extraction protol. Invoking the PINsafe protocol ensures access is not comprised should a phone be lost or stolen, making our SMS solution far superior to others in the market.

Benefits of SMS:

  • Fast to deploy – Nothing to distribute/reclaim – reduces overhead/implementation costs
  • Nothing to buy
  • SMS is a globally used communication tool and requires no IT literacy
  • Facilitates mobility and business enablement

Our SMS option can be implemented in a number of ways:


On Demand

The user will be asked for an authentication code (usually via a button on an authentication form). They will then request an OTC to be sent to them. The OTC is only valid for a finite period.


The user is sent a new OTC after every authentication attempt, ensuring that the user always has the next OTC in their inbox ready to use for their next authentication.


This is a variation of the automatic option, where a user is sent a number of OTCs in each SMS message – each OTC is used in turn. When they have used the last OTC, a new message with the next set is sent to them.  This has the benefit of reducing SMS costs and also means the user can have a number of OTCs available to them even when they are out of GPRS coverage.

Additional security should you need it. A key, and unique feature, of our authentication platform is our patented one-time-code extraction protocol PINsafe, which provides an optional additional level of security should you need it. PINsafe combines the use of registered PINs with random 10 digit security strings that are sent to you either by browser, mobile app, SMS and telephone.  They can be delivered on demand or in advance. You then combine these in your head to work out your unique one-time access codes, putting you at the heart of the strong multi-factor authentication process. Learn More

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