Our Extensive Partner Network

Swivel Secure has a worldwide network of Distributors and Resellers, Technology Alliance Partners and Service Providers.

Through our Partner Network, we deliver our award winning adaptive authentication platform, so our customers know, that with Swivel Secure, they can access their data whenever, wherever and however they want, both safely and securely.

Browse our list of Partners or find out more about joining our Partner Programme below...

CountryNameContact InfoType
UK Axial Systems Limited Platinum Partner
UK Sapphire Platinum Partner
Castleforce IT Consultancy Ltd Reseller
Ireland FutureRange Reseller
Ireland Zinopy Ltd Reseller
UK Access Information Security (AIS) Ltd Reseller
UK Advanced Network Security Reseller
UK BlackLight Software Ltd
  • 4, South Park Way, Wakefield Business Park, Wakefield, WF2 0XJ
  • T: +44 1924 640 350
UK Blue Cube Security Ltd Reseller
UK Blue Profile Ltd Reseller
UK Blueloop Reseller
UK BMS (UK) Ltd Reseller
UK CDS Reseller
UK Central Networks & Technologies Reseller
UK Centralis Reseller
UK Centralis Reseller
UK E-manage Reseller
UK Evolve North Reseller
UK Flow Communications Ltd Reseller
UK Frontier Technology Reseller
UK Icomm Technologies Ltd Reseller
UK Intuitive Systems and Networks Ltd Reseller
UK ITogether Reseller
UK Krome Reseller
UK Medgate UK Limited Reseller
UK NCI Systems Ltd Reseller
UK Net-Ctrl Limited Reseller
UK Nviron Limited Reseller
UK Opt-Sec Ltd Reseller
UK Oxford Computer Group UK Reseller
UK Phoenix Software Reseller
UK Preventia Ltd UK Reseller
UK Probrand Ltd Reseller
UK Proximity Communications PLC Reseller
UK Refractiv Reseller
UK RMT Accountants & Business Advisors Ltd Reseller
UK SSLPost Reseller
UK Trinity Service/Liberata Reseller
UK Ward Solutions Ltd Reseller
UK Xcomm Reseller
Argentina EX - CLE S.A. Reseller
Bolivia BISIT Reseller
Brazil Awner Solutions Reseller
Brazil BR SECURE Reseller
Brazil RCR Consulting Reseller
Chile EX - CLE S.A. Reseller
Costa Rica Fincosta CF, S.A. Reseller
Ecuador PlanMarket S.A. Reseller
Mexico eSolution México Reseller
Mexico MMTEC.BIZ S.A. de C.V. Reseller
Panama Consein, S.A. Reseller
Panama Data Security Solutions Reseller
Panama EX - CLE S.A. Reseller
Venezuela CONSULTANTS AND ENGINEERS Consein, CA Reseller
Canada Network Test Labs Inc. (NTL) Reseller
USA Choice Solutions Reseller
USA Cornerstone Reseller
USA PCN Inc. Reseller
USA QCI Reseller
Azerbaijan NGS Distribution Distributor
Belarus NGS Distribution Distributor
Belgium NewChannel B.V. Distributor
Denmark IT2TRUST A/S Distributor
Finland IT2TRUST A/S Distributor
France 2SB Security Solutions 4 Business Distributor
France D2B Informatique Distributor
Iceland IT2TRUST A/S Distributor
Kazakhstan NGS Distribution Central Asia Distributor
Kyrgyzstan NGS Distribution Central Asia Distributor
Luxembourg NewChannel B.V. Distributor
Moldova NGS Distribution Distributor
Nigeria Silversands Limited Distributor
Norway HEATH Comm Distributor
Norway IT2TRUST A/S Distributor
Poland ePrinus Distributor
Portugal Arrow Portugal Distributor
Russia NGS Distribution Distributor
Spain Arrow Spain Distributor
The Netherlands NewChannel B.V. Distributor
Austria Delta Netconsult GmbH Reseller
Austria eCURA GmbH Reseller
Denmark Globeteam A/S Reseller
France Novidy's Reseller
Germany AITCH Reseller
Germany Antauris AG Reseller
Germany BeKom Datensysteme GmbH & Co. KG Reseller
Germany BT (Germany) GmbH & Co. oHG Reseller
Germany Choin! GmbH Reseller
Germany Comline Computer + Softwareloesungen AG Reseller
Germany COMPUS Computer GmbH Reseller
Germany digitalDefense Reseller
Germany FIS-ASP Reseller
Germany Greimel Data Center Reseller
Germany IOK InterNetworking Services GmbH & Co. KG Reseller
Germany Jo-Soft GmbH Reseller
Germany Magellan netzwerke GmbH Reseller
Germany P&W Netzwerk GmbH & Co KG Reseller
Germany Profi Engineering Systems AG Reseller
Germany ProtectONE Reseller
Israel SmartSoft Reseller
Italy Communication Valley (Reply) Reseller
Italy Polimatica Reseller
Latvia THM SIA Reseller
Nigeria CMJ Solutions Reseller
Norway Netsecurity AS Reseller
Norway Norsk Data Senter AS Reseller
Poland CompFort Meridian S.A. Reseller
Poland Exence S.A. Reseller
Poland InBase Sp. z o.o. Reseller
Poland LynX IT Sp. z o.o. Reseller
Poland NEWIND Sp. z o.o. Reseller
Portugal Dimension Data Reseller
Portugal FirstHorizon - Information Systems, S.A. Reseller
Portugal Hardsecure, Segurança em Sistemas de Informação Reseller
Portugal IDW Reseller
Portugal ITEN Reseller
Portugal ITSTORK SERVICES Reseller
Portugal Layer8 Reseller
Portugal NLS – New Link Solutions Reseller
Portugal Novabase Reseller
Portugal OZONA Lisboa Reseller
Portugal WILLWAY Reseller
Portugal WiseIT – Managed Services Provider, Lda Reseller
Portugal XTR – Exploração de Tecnologia de Informação, Lda. Reseller
Spain Abast (Barcelona) Reseller
Spain Abast (Madrid) Reseller
Spain Agedos Business Datacenter S.L. Reseller
Spain All4Sec Reseller
Spain Asesoria y Consultoria, S.L. Reseller
Spain AVALORA Tecnologías de la Información Reseller
Spain BT Reseller
Spain Connectis Barcelona Reseller
Spain Connectis Madrid Reseller
Spain EVERIS Reseller
Spain Icraitas Reseller
Spain Logicalis Barcelona Reseller
Spain Logicalis Madrid Reseller
Spain New Vision SoftLan Reseller
Spain Ozona Consulting Barcelona Reseller
Spain Ozona Consulting Madrid Reseller
Spain Ozona Santiago de Compostela Reseller
Spain SCC Reseller
Spain SCC Barcelona Reseller
Spain Secura Reseller
Spain Telefonica Reseller
Switzerland Asecus AG Reseller
Switzerland ID Integrated Data SA Reseller
Australia Exclusive Networks Pty Ltd Reseller
Australia IPSec Reseller
Australia Obsecure Pty Ltd Reseller
Indonesia PT. Indotech Valcom Solution Reseller
Japan Security Strings Reseller
Nepal Comtronics Pvt. Ltd Reseller
Republic of Korea Array Networks Reseller


The Swivel Secure Partner Programme

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Cloud Partner

Gold Partner

Platinum Partner


Sales & Technical Support (telephone)
Signed Partner Agreement
Joint Marketing Programmes
Deal Registration
Quarterly Business Review
Monthly Forecasting
Minimum Training Requirements
Free NFR License
2nd Leads
1st Leads
Free Partner Event Invitations
Sales & Technical Support (in person)
Yearly Business Plan
Dedicated Account Management
Signed Distribution Agreement

Becoming a Swivel Secure Partner

The Swivel Partner Programme provides sales, technical and marketing resources and the opportunity to work with us to deliver the Swivel Secure authentication solution. Contact us now to learn about the different partner levels and the necessary requirements to join.

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