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Chosing the Right Authentication Solution

This paper looks at how technology has changed and asks questions about the way that organisations protect their most valuable assets; whether their access management systems have kept pace with the cyber criminals and what should be considered when selecting the right authentication platform for their particular environment. Download

 Swivel Multi-Factor Authentication

Swivel is a flexible authentication solution that offers a wide range of authentication models. The use of the Swivel patented one-time code extraction protocol means that Swivel can offer a range of strong single and two-factor authentication solutions. Download

Two Factor Authentication and Swivel

This document looks at why the username and password are no longer sufficient for authentication and how the Swivel Secure authentication platform can provide a strong, cost-effective authentication solution that is easy to use and to manage. Download

Single Channel Authentication Options

One of the most popular ways to deploy Swivel authentication is in single-channel mode. In this mode the user is presented with their challenge (security string) in the same channel that they will enter their response (one-time-code). This white paper looks at the flexibility of this approach and covers some of the options that are available both via configurations of the admin console and via customisation of the html authentication dialogue. Download

Swivel and the Cloud

This document describes the issues relating to authenticating to cloud applications and how the Swivel authentication platform can address these issues. Download

Swivel Secure and Office 365

This document describes how to use the Swivel Authentication platform to authenticate access to Office 365.  Download

 Swivel Secure, ADFS and Office 365

This whitepaper describes how, by exploiting the capabilities of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) you can deliver both secure and efficient authentication to Office 365 and other cloud services. Download

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